Tim Dunnock II

Tim Dunnock II from the University of Maryland College Park, Class of 2023 is Alex Brown Realty’s 2020-2021 Chesapeake Scholar Participant

During my time as a Chesapeake Scholar, I learned to view real estate from the perspective of investors. I was able to build relationships with other individuals that invest in real estate. The relationships I was able to build outside of the Chesapeake Scholars Program helped me build confidence in my ability to one day be a great real estate investor.

My overall experience was very interesting, although I was unable to meet in person, I still was able to learn a lot of useful information. The team meetings were very helpful because I was able to take notes and feel like I was a part of the team. I was provided many opportunities to contribute and ask questions. I didn’t have many questions but being provided with the opportunity to do so helped me feel included. I would recommend the Chesapeake Scholars Program to other students that may be interested in Real Estate development. Before this opportunity, I was not sure if I wanted to invest in real estate or how I would invest in real estate. This opportunity opened my eyes to more than the investing side of real estate. I believe that it would be great for other students!