ABR conducts research on a variety of notable topics in commercial real estate. ABR shares its research through reports it produces that contain thought-provoking data and analysis on different asset classes, trends, and other subjects of interest to commercial real estate investors and operators. These reports examine multiple aspects of commercial real estate and range from primers on conventional real estate assets to comprehensive analyses of developing markets and emerging asset classes.

ABR is also pleased to announce its partnership with Johns Hopkins University’s distinguished urban research hub, 21st Century Cities Initiative (21CC). The research that is developed from this partnership will lend valuable insight and data to ABR’s institutional knowledge.


Johns Hopkins University Partnership

21CC is the campus driver for Johns Hopkins University’s research, teaching, and outreach efforts for urban economic growth and urban quality of life. 21CC seeks to identify new strategies and best practices from cities around the world to enhance the vibrancy of its home city of Baltimore and other domestic and international cities.

Through rigorous data analysis and policy evaluation, 21CC focuses on how to align the incentives of the private sector and federal, state, and local governments to unlock the full potential of cities and urban centers. 21CC is also committed to devising solutions to pressing social challenges and to identifying cost-effective strategies for accentuating the gains from urban density while mitigating the social costs of living and working in close physical proximity.


ABR Special Reports