Phil Wagley

From the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a former Wharton In Semester Internship for Veteran Candidate

Alex Brown Realty, Inc. (ABR) provided exceptional learning experiences in a number of facets. There was a generous and concerted effort to foster growth for interns, which led to an expedited learning process. The internship exposed me to the entire deal lifecycle, and it was particularly enlightening to learn from industry experts at each stage of the deal process. On the underwriting front, it provided modeling opportunities such as building a Pro-forma model on an $18M industrial development. During due diligence, I had the opportunity to rebuild and verify financial statements from transactional data for a $50M acquisition. As it pertains to the Real Estate thesis and trend exposure, all interns were invited to the weekly investment committee meeting. These meetings enable interns to listen to RE veterans discuss risk-reward trade-offs, potential red flags, submarket dynamics, and more.

I enthusiastically recommend ABR’s internship program to other students. The internship will grant students a myriad of valuable and practical experiences. The experiences will assist students in solidifying their interest level in real estate, teach them the industry fundamentals, and expose them to greater Real Estate trends.